Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playing with Pumpkins

This past weekend we enjoyed a day with our friends, touring the coast starting in Half Moon Bay and winding up in the small town of Pescadero.  Along the way we stopped in San Gregorio at a little pumpkin patch set amongst rusting farm equipment and a dilapidated barn.  Ronan found his first pumpkin; a little acorn-shaped gourd apparently called a "carnival squash".  For those horticulturists who can confirm this, a photo our proud little guy inspecting his prized fruit can be seen on the left. 

In addition to his little squash, Ronan was thrilled to be amongst larger, real pumpkins out in the field.  It was hilarious to watch him relish the experience by slapping, mouthing, and grumbling at whatever pumpkin he was propped up next to.  Note that he was well dressed for the occasion; Mrs. Walters, a wonderfully fun lady who years ago watched me grow up, knitted Ronan that delightful pumpkin hat.  Ronan appreciates it's warmth while we appreciate how precious it looks on him.

A few more notables during the day: 
  • Watching Ronan use his fingers to gently examine his little pumpkin was Rachel's standout moment of the outing
  • Ronan seems to relish accomplishments; his beaming face when holding "his pumpkin" was charming
  • Skipped naps + densely packed crowds + car trips longer than 40 mins = 1 very cranky Ronan
  • Ronan is quite lucky to have his buddy Laurin Fynn, already a Swiss/US/South African citized at the tender age of 12 weeks, live in the neighborhood.  It gives Ronan a chance to have another infant around, and it gives his parents people who can empathize with the persistent fatigue & utter chaos that is parenthood for newbies.
We look forward to enjoying the increasing presence of fall and watching Ronan's reaction to seeing his own breath condense in the morning.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ronan's 6-month Birthday!

Six months ago yesterday Ronan entered our lives and opened up a world of love and joy that only parents know.  Ronan celebrated by feasting on two tablespoons of oatmeal cereal and plenty of warm breast milk to wash it down. 

A couple of notables throughout the day:
  • Continued practice sitting unsupported; he is quite capable of maintaining balance when not distracted.  That said, as soon as he identifies a must-grab object off of his center line onto his head he goes. 
  • His "determination lunge", an effort where he throws himself at a desired object, is evolving more into a controlled crawl.
  • He was indefatigable in his efforts to socialize with with anyone who looked his way.  
  • It turns out that he is a big fan of Monster in the Mirror performed by the lovable Grover.  He becomes an even bigger fan when Mom and Dad decide to dance with him to the tune.
  • He also threw his first temper tantrum; he was unsatisfied with not being able to get at the internals of his favorite noise making can.  He knew the top was removable (had watched Mom do this several times) but lacked the coordination to pry it off.
  • He finished the day by sleeping all the way through to 5:30 in the morning, giving his parents much needed rest.
In all, a wonderful close to the fist six month of life.