Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Steps

The not-so-steady sequence of independent walking

Two months ago I would have said a "baby step" was roughly synonymous with a "small step". I used the term frequently to describe little yet symbolically meaningful progress towards a bigger objective. All of that still applies, of course, yet what was missing in my interpretation was the imbalance, the risk, the effort, the circuitousness, the uncertainty and the breath-holding anticipation that comes with learning to walk.
It's interesting to observe Ronan approach mobility; without a walking aid (stroller, parent, cardboard box...) he is focused yet cautious and every tentative step is taken with deliberation (see chair sequence above). Give him something to stabilize his balance, and Ronan becomes confident, persistent, and strong; he is nothing short of a little determined dynamo. He will run, if you can keep up with him, and he generates enough force to push his Aunty S around in his Red Flyer Wagon without any assistance from us. For fun, Ronan gives his buddy a ride in a laundry basket!

Ronan giving his BFF a ride

Ronan's Stroller Swagger

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Holly said...

Ohmygosh - he's on the move! I loved your description of baby steps/learning to ambulate. Never quite thought of it that carefully. I bet when I come up there he'll be able to push ME around in the wagon! Go Dynamo!!