Sunday, March 1, 2009

Now Budding: A Foodie & Teeth

It's difficult to see in the photograph, but Ronan has finally cut his first tooth- the lower-right central incisor!  Both Mom and Dad are terribly proud, even if he is a late bloomer at almost 10.5 months. Symptoms of teething have been mild- his saliva production has increased a bit, but his mood is good and any bouts of fussiness have been attributed to his moderately serious cold (note the snot running from his nose). For those who ask about the contusions on his face, let's just call it a "predictable slide accident". Nothing to see here; move along, folks.

Now that he is officially teething, Ronan has taken to chewing on things- anything from camera straps to small gravel rocks. The photo to the right shows him working on the zipper of his jacket; once he gets the nylon webbing saturated he goes for the metal slider. Just about anything has to be gum tested; of course this makes our jobs a bit more challenging as there are many items that should go nowhere near his mouth. The upside is his eating habits; Ronan is a fantastic, albeit messy, eater who is already more adventurous with his foods than his mother. His favorites, by category, are:
  • Chopped fruits: blueberries & kiwi
  • Pureed fruit: prunes and apples w/a dash of cinnamon 
  • Meat: roast chicken, closely followed by grilled salmon
  • Cereals: Cheerios & oatmeal 
  • Veggie: broccoli
  • Carbs: warm corn torillas 
  • Drink: chilled, carbonated water
Plan for this week- we're hoping his cold subsides and this affords him some more restful sleep!


Holly said...

CPS will be after you when they see that bruised up mug! Just kidding. As for teeth, remember that his father was 2 years old before he cut his first tooth, but that didn't stop him from gumming down any and all foods. Sounds like Ronan has his father's appetite and food preferences! Give him a big hug from me :-)

Lisa said...

Awesome blog. Not as good as seeing you all in person but hoping to do that soon. Especially like the naked baby pictures! Lisa

Melissa said...

Wow so great. Love the fave food list.

Jason said...

Ronan, your father is a nerd so be more like your Mom. I'm ashamed to say I remember this from physics classes, however. :-)