Monday, March 16, 2009

Proof- Ronan is Radiant

Ronan's Aunty M, currently doing research in Indonesia, always called Ronan a little "hottie". Now we have the evidence to prove it. We took a couple of snaps with a thermal imaging camera (thanks for the loan, Uncle H!) while Ronan napped and posted them here for you to enjoy. A few notes:
  1. The blanket covering Ronan was a hand-knit gift from a mother of a good friend (B Kaka & family- Ronan won't nap without it!)... knitting aficionados, if you look closely, you can determine the type of stitch used.
  2. You can make out (just barely) Ronan's sleep companion, a plush hippo named Happy (thanks Makena & Maya!), in the upper left corner of the image. Happy's wide nose is the dark blue (cold) because Ronan saturated it with saliva before drifting off to sleep. 
  3. Ronan's hair on the sides of his head is thin (red) from his sleep routine that involves a rhythmic rubbing back and forth of his head. On the top it's now nice and thick (blue) and keeps [the top part of] Ronan's head warm (radiative losses low).


CalBadger said...

Hmmmm, perhaps I can get a hold for that infrared camera when (and if I ever) get my portrait done! Awesome photos--very artistic and striking! Keep heating-up peoples hearts, Ronan!

Holly said...

Those photos are really cool! No, HOT. Melissa is right. Love the comments identifying body parts, Happy the saliva soaked hippo and Ronan's sleep routine. Sorry I can't identify the stitch in the blanket, though. But, there's nothing cuter than a sleeping baby - esp. in IR!!

archipelago said...

I am sticking by the little hottie comment :). You got a little cutie there.

So on what other occasions might someone use heat photos?

Erik said...

Good question- the thermal image scans are typically used for home & building inspections (looking for leaks, power distribution, etc). We thought it would be fun to image Ronan while doing a larger scan of the house. :-)