Thursday, March 12, 2009

Swept Away!

It is said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery; I'm confident that Ronan's new sweeping obsession is exactly that.  It is his way of letting Grammy and Papa know just how much he loves them.  During Ronan's first few months, Grammy & Papa made frequent appearances at our home, helping with whatever was urgent and keeping things tidy.  One of the common activities they would take on was sweeping the fallen leaves and the gathering dirt from the porch, as well as the dust in the inside living spaces.

Now that Ronan is almost 11 months, he's lucky that Grammy takes care of him four days a week when Mommy & Dad are at work.   Grammy & Papa have continued their sweeping activities; often when we arrive home in the evening, the house (inside and out) is in far better shape than when we left in the morning.  Ronan has taken notice of this and now makes an excited, direct run at a broom if he sees one.  The other day I spent almost forty-five minutes on the deck walking next to Ronan as he pushed the broom around.  I was amazed that he never tired of it.

His Aunty V noticed this passion and decided that he needed a broom sized more appropriately for his stature.  In the photos above and below you can see Ronan at work with his new gift, helping Mommy keep the back patio nice and clean.

Here's to hoping this behavior extends to dusting, sink scrubbing, and vacuuming as he gets older!

Thanks Grammy, thanks Poppa!


Holly said...

ohhhhh that's so cute! Train 'em young, I say, when "work" is play to them. When Ronan is old enough to rake the leaves he'll probably have taken off in your car!! I'll check Ronan's blog when he's 16 :-)

CalBadger said...

You should be reported to child welfare...teaching am kid to work before anything else--REALLY! Really, I'm just jealous 'cause I couldn't get any of you three to do anything!

Holly said...

That's so funny - I think Ronan does a better job than my yard guys with the blowers! Love the sweeping - I'll expect my patio to be swept clean the next time you guys come to Del Mar :-)