Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh, Those Beguiling Bubbles!

Loving the bubble

Ronan loves bubbles. Most kids do, but Ronan cannot get enough of those floating soapy spheres (as evidenced above). Yes, bubbles "last but a tiny while, but while you do, you make (Ronan) smile."

Yet it's more than that to Ronan- he takes his bubble theme to a whole new level. Just a few examples:
  • "Buh-buh" is his first word. (ed note: Mom is challenging this, arguing "Mama" is in fact his first word. Ronan is consistent in saying, "buh-buh" when asked what bubbles are; this is not true for "Mama", but he does always break a broad smile and flap his arms when he sees her)
  • He clamors to *eat* the soapy fluid... see picture below. Yes, we are mildly concerned.
  • Carbonated water is, by far, his favorite part of dinner. It's not just for consumption- he uses the effervescent fluid to "wash" his hands after he finishes sipping from his cup.
  • He appreciates it as a design element in beverageware (see below).
  • The pull of "foam gravity" produced by sudsy oceans/ponds/the bathtub is an irresistible force
  • Ronan giggles (not typical for him) when he "makes' his own flatulence bubbles in the bathtub
It's really very sweet to see how lighthearted and happy these tiny, evanescent orbs make him!

Soap as a snack

Sud Removal

The moment before "Pop!"

Fun puzzle or just teasing?


Holly said...

Ahhhhh, would that we adults could recapture the joys of simple things! Seems Ronan and Grover are symaptico, no? Better add "buh-buh" to the baby book - maybe the only child who chooses that as his first word!
Bubbles of love to little R. :-)

vontetzel said...

great shot of the bubbles in the bath tub!
so cute!

Melissa said...

Geesh this guy is too cute for words. So shall we expect some bubblies for his birthday bash? Perhaps for the parents--one year of successful parenting! Thinking of you all this weekend and so wishing I could be there!