Saturday, May 30, 2009

All About the Wheel

Checking spoke tension

Ronan's fascination with wheels was evident even at a few weeks of age. When we would take him for our nightly walks around the neighborhood, Ronan would fix his gaze upon the wheels of any vehicle in site. The bigger the wheel, the better.

That observance has developed into a full blown obsession; Ronan cannot get enough of wheels. Bicycles wheels, motorcycle, car, truck, & bus wheels, stroller wheels, the large wheels on a backhoe loader, steel cylinders on steam rollers, tactor tires, tire swings, rollers on luggage, gears, covered wagon wheels, sliding door rollers, shopping cart casters, pulleys, the list goes on and on. Getting Ronan to leave a wheel without performing a "category 5" meltdown is a tricky negotiation that neither Mom nor I have been able to perfect.

I like to think that babies recognize the inherent efficiency value in perfectly circular objects; Mom argues that it's just a fluke.

Ronan inspecting Laurin's stylish stroller wheel

Vintage wheels work as well

Logo identification on Ronan's favorite car- a neighbor's electric blue Toyota Yaris

Stopping spinning wheels requires brakes... he's learning about cantilever design

Big trucks need big wheels... little trucks need little wheels

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Holly said...

And to think some of us go through life never even noticing wheels! I sent Grandaddy the photo of Ronan checking the spoke tension and he (G'dad) loves it! In time we'll see where this fascination with wheels leads!