Friday, May 8, 2009

Photo Anthology - #1 @ Minus 1 Month

On each of the next fourteen days I will post a photo of Ronan accompanied by a short note for context. The posts will be in chronological order and the time between when photographs were taken will be spaced roughly a month apart, starting with this one at minus 1 month. Enjoy!

Age - minus 3.5 weeks
A photo of Ronan inutero; what is not shown is the pre-birth excitement and nervousness. This photo was taken in our backyard during a weekend visit from Nana, Aunty Melissa and Uncle Todd; they marveled at how labored even small movements were for Mom. A video would be more informative as Ronan's kicks and twists were quite visible and wonderfully strange to watch.


Holly said...

Hey, don't forget Nana was there, too!!

Erik said...

Odd, that was in the original text... I think I need to have you proof read the posts prior to them going live!

Never fear, it is now correct.

And a very Happy Mother's Day to you, and all other mothers out there!