Monday, May 25, 2009

Photo Anthology - #16 @ 13 Months

Age - 13 Months
This is the last photo for the anthology- it was taken in our backyard when Ronan divided his time between chasing bubbles and helping Mom do some gardening. We tend to dress Ronan in red as we want a high visibility color to make spotting him easier. Although Ronan's hair has darkened just a bit, his eyes have remained a clear light blue.

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Holly said...

Last photo??? Ohhhh, I'm going to miss these updates. They've been such fun to view. Amen to the RED clothing - that's the only color I would dress Erik in, and for the same reason. Visibility!! If Ronan is half as quick as his father, high visibility will be paramount :-)
hugs and kisses to the whole fam from Nana :-)