Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ronan's 1st Birthday

Ronan Now: His first Birthday

Ronan Then: The day he was born

On a sunny Wednesday at a hospital in San Francisco, Ronan was born. He was 53cm (21") long, 3.3kg (7lbs, 4oz) with bright blue eyes, a healthy heart and a fast holding grip. The first slow, cautious car ride home seems like only yesterday, yet that was an entire year ago.

How quickly infants change - it turns out children remain babies for a remarkably short amount of time. I now better understand the clamor of seasoned parents and grandparents to get even a few seconds with an infant; it is but a fleeting moment before they become independent, fearless toddlers.

Those changes during the first 365 days are dramatic. For Ronan, when he was born, he could barely open his eyes yet now it's a struggle to get him to nap. He used to gently fall asleep on my chest; now he requires the space and firmness afforded by a mattress. He has moved from a bassinet to a co-sleeper to a crib, and within the crib we have had to lower the mattress three times with it now on the lowest setting.

A year ago breast milk was his only nourishment yet now only breast milk, formula, and nuts are *not* a part of his diet. He's almost half again in length and more than tripled in weight (now over 82cm/32inches and 10.5kg/23lbs). He has added 4 teeth (which he brushes!), has leaned to babble a bit, and has mastered walking. He used to love the thrill of playground swings but now quickly tires of them. From time to time he will dribble a soccer ball with his feet where as a year ago he couldn't even hold one in his hands. His car seat has gone from rear to forward facing, he's outgrown four pairs of shoes and no longer can fit into the Bjorn, swings and bouncers we once used to portage/placate him. Gone are the days of size 1, 2, or 3 diapers, and Ronan now bathes in the full bathtub and not the sink. He's even changed hair styles, going from a dark, curly coiffure to a straight (albeit wildly uncontrolled) blond 'do.

What will the next 365 days hold? Only time will tell, but thankfully we are a bit wiser, knowing now to cherish the moments as they last.

The road ahead?


vontetzel said...

I really like the last pic. What kind of vest is that? Do you know where I can find one?.....

Anyhoo, Alot has changed in a year. I can't wait to see him (and you guys as well:-)) next month.

Holly said...

I'd recognize that walk anywhere - clone of his dad's! And please to put heights and weights in inches and pounds for those of us who are metrically challenged!! What a year - so quickly it passes, but I look forward to the one ahead :-)

Erik said...

The vest is fantastic, but you'd have to talk to Ronan's crazy mountaineering uncle for the details. Something about Synchilla...

We can't wait to see you as well!

Erik said...

OK... I've updated to include US Customary Units. Please note that 365 days/year (365.242199) is same in both systems. So is counting, like the # of teeth. I'm not sure about diaper sizes, though... :-)

For future conversions, you can use Google's calculator feature ( just type "82cm to inches" into the search box, and the first results should be your conversion.


Holly said...

I like that Help feature - hadn't noticed it before. I'm jazzed to be 157cm tall! Glad to see, though, that you added the american conversions to your blog :-)