Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Friday for the Fellas

Learning about sand near a lighthouse in Santa Cruz

Last week Grammy had a date with some old friends so I took Friday off of work to care for Ronan. Days like Friday, when it's just us guys, are a real treat. It's our opportunity to be boys; we get dirty and stay that way, we eat whatever whenever, and we don't concern ourselves about a strict adherence to "schedules" or "routines". Every once in a while it feels good to break a rule or two.

For this "Guys Day", the sun was out so we headed south to the beach in Santa Cruz. The original plan was to hit the rides & games of the boardwalk, but we passed an irresistible beach with dozens of homemade kites fluttering in the wind so we decided to stop and give it a go.

Demonstrating a proper splay of fingers and toes

Doing so was an excellent choice. Ronan reveled in the sand, burying his hands and toes in it. He learned the words "sailboat" and "lighthouse"; he also learned that chasing a seagull, especially in sand, is a tough thing to be successful at. Mostly, though, he spent hours trying to run into the ocean, with me chasing him, swinging him up over the waves right before he crashed into them, and only letting him get dunked a couple of times in the process. The only minor damage was some chaffing from the sand... and this was due to excessive application of sunscreen for fear of Mom's wrath if he came home a bright shade of pink.

Who needs clothes anyway? Laying out shirt & pants to dry in the sun

After the long day at the beach, Ronan napped on the way home (he was even snoring... it was very cute) and we finished the day playing at his favorite park in Palo Alto. Two more firsts- an unsupervised stint on the teeter totter and some assisted, stomach-churning spinning on a rotational momentum seat. After lots of laughs, plenty of sun, and no visible signs of damage, we packed up our toys and headed back to welcome Mom home from work.


Holly said...

What a GREAT day - for Ronan AND dad! Those special days are chocolate for the soul. I love how fastidious little Ronan is - laying his clothes out to dry. How come I could never train his dad and uncle to do that?? ha ha

Erik said...

Good question. Lackadaisical parenting, perhaps? :-)

As Uncle H always says, "discipline, discipline, discipline". Oh, and pray for good DNA.

Holly said...

"lackadaisical" hmmmmmm ... I don't recall ever being called that. Overbearing, O-C, regimented are things I've been accused of. I think I like lackadaisical - time to kick back.... byeeeeeeeee

vontetzel said...

Sounds and looks like a fun day!