Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fun With Mechanisms, Part 2: Lever-Style Door Handle

Door Lever Actuation!

Yes, Ronan has mastered the easiest of the four types of doorknobs in our home, the level-style handle. Thankfully, we only have one door of this type, and it's a door that stays open most of the time anyway.

Ronan has been observing how we open and close doors for some time now, but it's only in the past few days where he has finally combined the height, balance (he needs to stand on his tip toes), and dexterity to achieve lever-actuation success. At first it was a struggle, putting all of these pieces together, but now he can open doors effortlessly.

This raises the urgency for putting up more safety gates, as Ronan's mastery of the other door handle types is soon to follow!

The Grab & Depress- Start Up on the Toes

The Swing Open While Stumbling Backwards

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Holly said...

So glad he didn't pinch his toes pulling that door toward him! I guess it won't be long till you need some major padlocks on your doors :-) I'll watch for the upcoming post of Ronan scaling the safety gates. [picture little harness, rope, helmet and rock climbing shoes - just to get down the stairs!]