Saturday, July 25, 2009

1 Day, 14,044 Toddling Steps

The Final Results...

I was lingering in bed one Saturday morning, listening to Ronan and Mom play in an adjacent room. First I noticed the giggles and sing-song talking (grunting from Ronan), then the occasional "thump" or "crash" of Ronan doing something damaging to himself/something else/both. But what seemed to stand out after listening for five minutes was the incessant "pat-pat-pat, pat-pat-pat" cadence of Ronan's little footsteps.

I listened a while longer and was amazed that his walk-run-walk gait never let up. Ronan's perpetual motion reminded me of a fish or shark that needed to continuously swim to get a steady supply of oxygen over it's gills. Ronan's little feet seem to never stop moving.

Instrumentation... placement was critical to prevent removal

So we decided to measure exactly that. How many steps, really, does Ronan take during a day? $10 got us a pair of pedometers, one for Ronan (subject) and one for me (control). The next Saturday Ronan and I wore the pedometers whenever we were moving (not for naps, bath, changing, etc) and the results were interesting.

Ronan: 14,044, Dad: 5,631. He almost tripled my step count, and this with his day (time not sleeping) being 10 hours compared with my 17. And my 5,631 also included a 30 min jog during Ronan's nap. Of his 10 hours awake, at last 2 of them are spent confined in a highchair (attempts at feeding) or in a carseat (or bike trailer). There is also an hours worth of reading/down time where Ronan is sitting. So really, there are 7 hours of mobility in his day, meaning he averages 2,000 steps per hour. Put another way, when free to do what he pleases, every other second Ronan decides to take a step. If I tried to keep that rate myself, I too would need a daily 14 hours of sleep.

10,241, 10, 242, 10,243...

Steps counted while carried by Mom are ineligible


Holly said...

Are you sure placement of the pedo on the back of the neck is Kosher? I was told it has to be on or near your hip bone to work properly. Regardless, I'd venture to say Ronan FAR outsteps his peer group (not to mention most adults) hands down! Get that kid some proper running shoes and start training him up for the Kiddie 5K !!
Second note: What is father doing "lingering in bed?" Didn't know one has that luxury until the kids move out :-)

Holly said...

Is someone going to weigh in about Forrest Gump?

Jimmy Wayne Ibiza said...

I think I agree about the pedometer placement. I also think, at a little over one year old, Ronan is probably already able to outsmart his Dad (obviously while Mom is not looking for she would surely notice something is not kosher) so find myself suspect of the result. Great story, though.