Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chalk Talk

Trying out sidewalk chalk

They say old habits die hard, and it seems that despite our best efforts, it's just about impossible to break Ronan's cleaning habit. Mom even tried to get Ronan excited about sidewalk chalk in the hopes that fun of making a mess would overpower his desire to clean.

And at first it was working- he would mimic our movements and lay a few random lines of chalk on the concrete. But after a couple of minutes Ronan got up, pushed open the door to the kitchen, walked inside (mind you he typically throws a tantrum when you take him in... he *never* voluntarily goes inside), finds a sponge, and comes back out to wipe the chalk off of the walkway. I could hardly believe it.

"I know what we need..."

"Let's get this mess cleaned up!"

It's impossible to explain, but the only rational explanation is that Grammy's cleanliness lessons are starting to stick. An amazing feat indeed. Thanks Grammy!


Holly said...

Yea!! At least ONE member of my family has inherited the "cleanliness gene!" But, I give Marie 99% of the credit for setting such a great example. I scheduled Bill & Phil to clean my house after you all leave in Aug., but I think I'll cancel. Ronan will leave this place way cleaner than he finds it!! Gotta love'im

Holly said...

Addendum: Is he still using that month old sponge?! Hey, that harbors a LOT of germs - pitch it!

Erik said...

It is the same *style* of sponge, but not the exact same one. Trader Joes sells them in packs of 10 for cheap.

That said, how would I know if the sponge is old or new? Ronan's the only one in the house that uses sponges, and he's not telling.

Holly said...

Good Point - teach Ronan the signs for "new" and "old"!

vontetzel said...

Ronan is so cute. So when is he going to start riding? I'm sure sooner rather than later.

Erik said...

Good question on the riding. He grudgingly accepts being in the trailer behind the bike, but I can't say that he *enjoys* it. The exception is when we're going downhill, at speeds faster than 25 mph. At that point he bounces in his seat and flaps his arms wildly, all while grinning as broadly as he possibly can. A natural born maniac. Hooray for health insurance!