Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nanna, Mitchell Park, and a Car Full of Smiles

Nanna Watching Ronan Playing with Water Spouts

Last weekend Nanna & Uncle Todd made a long car trip up to visit; though the stay was short Ronan had a blast. He is becoming self-aware; when he gets the opportunity, he likes to show off his skills to a new audience. For instance, he ran some sprints for Nanna, showed her a couple of his signs ("more", "please", "all done"), and wooed her with his vast truck knowledge when they read the book she brought him.

Ronan & Laurin in their Element

What made the visit especially fun was a day playing amongst the water jets at Mitchell Park in mid-town Palo Alto. Ronan fearlessly chased the water spurting from the ground, trying to catch the little geysers mid spout. He relished blocking the jets of water and would patiently wait for the water to shoot out of the little holes in the ground. Though soaked through and shivering cold he could not be pulled away from the fun. Unfortunately, on several occasions, he would look directly at the temporarily dormant valve, only to get an eye full of water when the squirting resumed. Next time we will bring goggles!

This Baby's Got Horsepower!

Mitchell Park also has a fun car-themed wooden play set, complete with seats and a steering wheel. Ronan was able to get some driving lessons in and his best friend Laurin was a brave co-pilot, helping Ronan shift into the proper gear. Although the "vehicle" was stationary, Ronan relished being behind the wheel. We are in for some interesting parental challenges when he turns 16. Here's to hoping for fully automated personal transit devices by then.

"He's Going the Distance, He's Going for Speed..." - Cake

After lots of playing, some good food, and only a small amount of sleep, Nanny and Uncle Todd headed back south. It's clear Ronan misses them, but he'll be seeing Nanna again later in the summer. If he's lucky, she'll let him play in her fountain. If he's *really* lucky, she'll let him drive her car. As long as he's in his car seat that is properly attached per the manufacturers instructions, I have no objections.


Holly said...

Nana to Ronan: Swipe your dad's car keys now, find some blocks to attach to the foot pedals and when your legs grow long enough to reach them, you'll be off for a joy ride! Just mind the creaky board in the staircase.

vontetzel said...

you know ronan should really have his hands at 10 and 2.

so cute!

vontetzel said...

if anyone wants to know what kind of kid/older brother erik was look at the second picture from the top with the kid with green shorts! classic!

Melissa said...

LOL! A great post, complete with a Cake lyric. I am very jealous of Nanna and Uncle Todd. I love that Nanna is encouraging mischief...perhaps as some sort of pay back to her first son? :) Nice observation Todd re: the boy in the background.

Erik said...

He he he... I was wondering if people would pick up on that. The Bully w/the water squirted Ronan in the face- Mom grabbed the kid and said, "do it again, and that will be the end of you". Suffice to saw squirting (at Ronan) stopped. Looks like it resumed on the poor girl in the photo.