Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Next Stop, Civic Center

In a stroke of luck, this morning I was able to share my commute into San Francisco with Ronan, Mom, and Poppa. Rather than driving, we headed into the city on BART, the local train services for those in (a portion of) the greater Bay Area. Dressed in his warm, made-for-a-San Francisco-summer jacket (thanks Uncle Greg!), Ronan's first ride on public transit was one to remember. Even with his strengthening cold and mild fever it was obvious that Ronan was having a blast, enjoying the new sights & noises, the unusual movements, and the increasing number of people crowding the train cars.

Some Commute Notables
  • Ronan's persistent attempts at eye contact with other passengers violated the golden "all transit users must socially withdrawal" rule
  • 25% of all passengers on the train had iPods; some have the volume set to what must be deafening levels. Ronan happily rocked out to a metal track played by a passenger standing 10 feet away.
  • Ronan watched with fascination all of the interesting things whizzing past the windows
  • Ronan's tolerance for schedule deviation is minimal. Due to a "medical emergency" our train was delayed 10 mins... Ronan commented by pointing to the door and grunting with frustration.
  • Ronan ran into Uncle Mikey while exiting his destination stop... and he was wearing an orange jacket as well!
  • Ronan got to sit on Pappa's lap, press his little nose against the train window, and see his breath condensate on the glass
  • Chances are our little "disease vector" transmitted his pathogen to another 50 people. Always wash your hands after riding on public transit.
I wish all trips were this fun and captivating for Ronan; I suppose novelty has it's benefits!

Uncle Mikey validates his claims of Scottish ancestry...

"Sweet! Blowfish!"


Holly said...

Starting him on public transportation early - learning to minimize his little carbon footprint. Score mom, dad and poppa :-)

Erik said...

That sounds like another dorky post subject... Ronan's carbon footprint. He gets even better km/g_co2e when he rolls in the bike trailer.

Erik said...

(dorky, as in something I will most likely do soon!)

Holly said...

I was just going to say that you will probably do the dorky thing, but you said it for me! One step ahead of me, as always :-)