Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ronan's Alphabet Book

The book...

Auntie Allison and Uncle Danny, along with cousins Drew and Lexi, lovingly made an Alphabet Book for Ronan's first Christmas. What is an alphabet book? This one is a large scrapbook with each page dedicated to a letter of the alphabet. Included are photographs or drawings of nouns (and a couple of verbs) that begin with the pages subject letter.

Looking for "wheel"

It's more than just something to read- Ronan's Alphabet Book has become a staple in his daily routine. When he is finished with his meal (he tells us by signing "all done"), we excuse him to walk over and "read" his Alphabet Book. He spends a few minutes flipping through the pages and pointing out the images or colors that interest him.

"Best Man" and "Brothers"

What is his favorite letter? It's probably too early to tell, but "M" receives a disproportionate amount of his time. That's probably due to pictures of "motorcycle", "monkey", and his cousin Drew "mowing" the lawn on that page. However, "B" ("bicycle", "beach", "ball", "batting", "brother", "boys") has been increasing page views steadily.

Turning the page...

Finding "P" for the "policeman" in his hand!

The Alphabet Book is such a fun part of Ronan's learning process; a very big *thank you* to Auntie Ala, Uncle Danny, and of course Drew and Lexi for such a thoughtful gift!


Holly said...

Yes, that book is the Bomb (that's B for Bomb). Great idea, Allison :-)
I love the little table, chair and easel - Perfect for Pint-sized People (that's the letter P)
Rock on, Ronan (the letter R)

vontetzel said...

I second that. That book is amazing!

Erik said...

It really is. Ronan *loves* it. It's easy for him to "read" (easier, in fact, than his other books) and if he becomes fascinated by something new, we can quickly add an image, making it a personalized, evolving book.