Monday, July 13, 2009


"'Emergency Call'.... I wonder what that does?"

Sure, Ronan's first love are vehicles & heavy machinery (bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, etc) but he can still geek out on electronic gear with the best of them. He's done video chats with friends and relatives across the globe, he knows how to (sort of) work in iPod, and loves to check the on-camera histogram of the images we take of him.

But it seems that his favorite way to engage the electronic world is through mobile phones & smart hand held devices. Ronan has sent several text messages to unsuspecting members of Mom's contact list and has even called a few of them. He's particularly fond of my new Android G2 phone; I'm not sure if it's the bright screen or that it's it's lightweight, but if he sees it laying around he's sure to immediately snatch it.

Texting on the go... taking advantage of the "mobile" in mobile phones

It's funny to watch him wander around with it, stumbling and bumping into things, paying attention to nothing except his determined attempt to get the buttons on the "chin" to do something interesting. Rarely will he sit down or stand still while using it- perhaps he thinks he's an easier target for gadget re-appropriation if he is stationary?

Someday soon, I'm afraid, Ronan may very well be the protagonist in a YouTube video.

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Holly said...

So it's true that the most adept users of new technology are the young 'uns. I was wondering who was texting me those crazy messages! Nana to Ronan: sdl;ja;'fjjg'aklllll
(means I love U)