Thursday, August 6, 2009

... And *More* Wheels

Almost as if they were written specifically for Ronan...

Only a few hours after a morning spent exploring engineering machinery Ronan came home to two new books on wheels. It turns out in his pre-departure-for-Indonesia chaos Uncle Todd still made time to find some gems for Ronan to read. For this Ronan is clearly grateful!

Happy to point out the "steering wheel"

It was a surprise to us and a delight for Ronan- his current obsession is going through every page of "What do Wheels Do All Day" and pointing out unconventional wheels. Both books are wonderfully illustrated and of course on Ronan's favorite subject.

A big thank you to Uncle Todd and Auntie Melissa for such a fantastic gift!


Todd said...

We're glad he enjoys them. We wish you guys could come over and Ronan could have a look at our sporty moped, maybe even take a ride!

Holly said...

I think Dad is enjoying those books as much as Ronan! Good choice, Todd!

Erik said...

"...Dad is enjoying those books as much as Ronan!"... you're spot on. The books are great. And I'm certain Ronan would T&M's moped... there is a scooter parked down the street that he cannot get enough of. Mom and I would enjoy the satay & rambutan. Thanks again!