Sunday, August 23, 2009

Business Casual

"Dumping a 3 cubic meter bucket is cake"

Less than two weeks ago Ronan was infatuated with engineering vehicles... now he's nonchalant when operating them. Earlier today we came across a backhoe loader parked in our neighborhood and of course Ronan climbed up to check things out. I cracked up when he coolly slung his arm over the seat and played with the bucket control stick as if he's been doing it for years. His cool facade wore off, however, when he had to crawl down beneath the steering wheel to operate the clutch and break.

Where did he learn such skills? Training at Ronan's construction apprenticeship


Todd said...

Ahhhh, the construction "apprenticeship". Sounds like the Nic's Swiss roots have rubbed off on you E.

Holly said...

Nothing wrong with learning to operate those behemoths at an early age - job security in the future!