Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crest Canyon

At the canyon rim with Mom

Growing up I used to spend most of my free time divided between playing in the waves at the beach and the exploring the open spaces near our house. I frequented Crest Canyon the most (it was easy to get to.... all I had to do was wander down a drainage ditch), so naturally we took Ronan to explore it for himself.

Leading us, at speed, down the trail

The canyon is smaller than I remember, but Ronan loved running along the path, stopping every so often to regard an interesting plant or pick up a rock. Like I did when I was a child, Ronan seemed determined to follow any hint of a path off of the main trail, intrepidly heading into brush and coastal scrub. By the end of the hike his legs were thoroughly scratched even though he was wearing pants.

In addition to his gleeful running Ronan would, from time to time, do a goofy little spin mid stride. We tried to get it on video, but as soon as the camera was out Ronan would stop his silly routine.

Round and round and round he goes...

He also took a couple of solid falls (scraping hands and knees, but nothing serious) but brushed them off as if he felt nothing. The demands of dinner called for the end of our hike but I'm certain there will be many family treks in the future!

So proud of himself after his big hike


Holly said...

Pretty darn cute, that's for sure. Nana is wondering if you were diligent about watching for rattlers - I actually saw one in that very canyon on Sunday! That said, I welcome Ronan to our little local open space. I'll sign him up for our monthly work parties (read pulling out non-native vegetation!)

Erik said...

We did not come across any snakes... expect for those in terrariums @ the SD Zoo. Ronan's great at pulling out things, though I doubt he will distinguish between native and non-native plants.

Holly said...

He's a smart little cookie - I'll teach him (about the plants AND snakes) :-)