Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fun for All- Quail Gardens

One morning during our vacation Nana took us to visit Quail Botanical Gardens in Encinitas. It was a great place for kids- Ronan was able to ride a bronze tortoise and dinosaur, dig for dino bones, play with water (and learn some basics of hydraulics), pot a plant, watch a model train, sing a song, flap a parachute, and go for a hike.

It was an excellent way to spend a morning- Ronan seemed to love all of the activities but he was most attracted to the water (it was hard to pull his soaking little body from it) and the tramp around the trail. Perhaps we should look for hikes that end at bodies of water for future outings?


Todd said...

great hat, no, not ronan's the blue one e is wearing. where could i get one?

anyhoo, that looks like a ton of fun. did grandma show ronan her "special" herbs she grows in her garden?

Holly said...

Oh yeah, Ronan and Nana had a "high" time out back learning about the propagation, harvest and use of her special herbs!! Oh... and we had a swell time at Quail, too :-)

Erik said...

For the hat, try Minorca Cove. Beware, though- it's a little too fluffy of blue.

And yes, Nana is turning Ronan into a horticulturist. Cash crops are the way to go.

Todd said...