Monday, August 31, 2009

Funny Faces at the Beach

The photo that started it...

The power of imitation is a wonderful thing. Ronan, Mom and I had been enjoying a fun day at the beach with Nico, Alex and their mother Paulette when I paused to take a photograph of Alex. He politely declined, so I told him I was taking “funny faces” portraits and I thought he'd make a perfect subject. To demonstrate how it was done, I exaggerated a frown, took picture of myself, and showed him the snap.

Alex happy to oblige

Once he saw the ridiculous picture Alex let loose and did all sorts of great poses. Nico saw this and improvised his own goofy shots, making a game of it. The three of us were chuckling at our silliness, and along toddled Ronan, also laughing and joining in the fun, and to our amazement he kept wagging his tongue out of his mouth just like Alex and Nico! Nico and I took a few pictures of Ronan and our collection of goofy faces was complete.

Nico perfecting the art

What a great day; Nico and Alex are two exemplary children, though that was to be expected from their exemplary parents. It was a treat sharing a day at the beach with them, and it was fun to see Ronan attempt to emulate the two of them.

And Ronan finishing off the session!

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Holly said...

A real Rogues Gallery for sure!! Press Save :-)