Monday, August 10, 2009

My G2 Wallpaper

"You and whose army?"

I've been asked which picture of Ronan I've set as my wallpaper on my mobile phone- I suppose it's the current equivalent of the "which baby photo do you carry in your wallet?" query. For the past month I've had the image above looking back at me when I turn on my phone.

I like the photo's bright colors, converging lines, exaggerated shadows & playful dinos on Ronan's helmet; mostly though, it's his too-cool-for-school expression whilst sporting a bib that cracks me up.

So there you have it... the image was taken near Stanford's Main Quad a month or so ago. We were stretching our legs during a break from a bike ride; I snapped the shot using my mobile phone (decent picture quality for a phone camera).


Holly said...

Ha - cracks me up, too. The male version of his cousin Lexi who is, more often than not, wearing her pink princess bicycle helmet slightly askew as well. At 5 and a half she's ditched the bib, though :-)

CalBadger said...

I'm devastated! I thought for sure I'd be in there somewhere! Oh well, I'll keep hoping that someday...By the way, is there ANY photo of my grandson that wouldn't qualify?!!!