Sunday, August 2, 2009

Now *That* is a Wheel


Zooty bike? Check. Kid trailer? Check. Cheerios in a snack catcher? Check. Komatsu excavator? Check. That's how we roll.

During a Saturday ride we noticed several large vehicles at one of the many active construction sites on Stanford campus. Fortuitously the site was accessible (a large gate left wide open), so we stopped to let Ronan explore the machinery. As soon as he was he was freed from his trailer he ran directly to the largest wheel in a lot filled with huge wheels.

"My hard hat has dinosaurs, my overall's got turtles, & my boots have leather soles."

"Mmmm... wheel"

The site contained a what's what of engineering vehicles. Ronan went up to and inspected at least one of each of the following: bulldozer, grader, scraper, excavator, loader, backhoe, roller, and water truck. Yes, he loved it, and wanted nothing more than to spend hours walking from piece of heavy equipment to piece of heavy equipment, inspecting the wheels without ever tiring (ha ha!) of it.

This thing is stubborn... who needs and axle cover anyway?

Yes, that's four thousand gallons of water

And yes, this is simply how Ronan is wired. I do love building things (and demolishing things even more) but engineering vehicles were never on our "must introduce" list. This passion is something Ronan has developed all on his own. Using heavy machinery is loud, dirty, fun, and, in the end, constructive (zing... twice!) activity to pursue; I couldn't be a prouder father.

"Let's get this scrapper scraping!"


Holly said...

Who'd have thought that a construction site would hold more wonderment than a kiddie playground, a zoo, or an aquarium? As I look into my crystal ball I see Ronan's first job as driving a big water truck at the track and wearing his Junior Teamster's pin - courtesy of Poppa :-) I also think he should hold on to that dino helmet - it's the bomb!!

Melissa said...

I love reading about Ronan's blossoming interests. Thanks for sharing!

Allison said...

Man you need to keep an eye on that big guy he might just take off with one someday.