Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ronan on a Jet Plane!

Intently watching ground crews load and refuel our aircraft

Even with being woken and pulled from his bed at 6:30 in the morning, and even with a missed flight (thank you Southwest... perhaps you should staff more than one agent at the mandatory-for-those-with-infants "special" check in kiosk so that the wait is not more than 45 mins? And when there are known issues w/the way TSA regards your name-truncation-boarding-pass-printing-layout, perhaps you should fix it?) manifesting itself as a couple hour delay, Ronan was still a trooper in our travels this morning.

He had fun exploring but did not push his limits, he sat quietly on our laps for almost the entire flight, and, until we tried to strap him into his car seat when we arrived in San Diego, Ronan had not uttered a single whine or shed a frustrated tear (the same could not be said for his parents, who were generous in their four-letter-explicative utterances). After a long day, our little intrepid traveler is now sleeping peacefully is his bed. Thank you Ronan, and sleep well!

Frustrations disappear as we partake in the miracle of flight


Todd said...

Ronan is so cute, i love the first picture with his reflection. Sorry to hear about the delay, but it sounds like ronan was able to enjoy the interesting airplanes. Have fun in SD.

Holly said...

Yep, Ronan is a sweetie - didn't notice/care about TSA or delays - would that we adults could be so mellow (speaking from one with notoriously bad Travel Karma!) Love the first photo, too - taken with a phone held at arm's length by dad. A winner :-)