Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Vacation of '09... The Intro

Regarding our transit vehicle with anticipation

For Ronan's first week-long summer vacation we decided to pack our bags, board a plane, and head to Nana's house in the beach town of Del Mar. It was a perfect get-away for two tired parents and one active toddler; Nana's hospitality (and cleaning/planning/organizing prowess) was just what the three of us needed. Many warm, heartfelt thanks to her for a wonderful week!

While Mom and I simply relaxed, Ronan seemed to inhale as much of the new environment as possible. Over the next few days I'll do a few posts on his various adventures.

One fun thing that Ronan learned during our trip was how to give big goofy grins when being photographed. In Ronan's case "saying cheese" really does work.

Hamming it up while eating

Ronan also enjoyed his cousin Drew's model cars- it was the first time we have seen him sit and play, uninterrupted, in one spot, for more than an hour.

Hitting the mother load... what could make a little boy happier?

Finally, it was a treat to watch Ronan and Nana bond. He became quite attached to her, and I like to think that he appreciates her encouraging his independent nature. That said, when he got out of line, Nana was the first to put him back on track.

The Toddlers in Totes discipline approach


Todd said...

Great photos!
I believe those our our cars from back in the day. I recognize the ferrari and the yellow porsche!

Holly said...

Todd - guess they are Ronan's now - possession is nine tenths of the law you know :-) Yes, 'twas a wonderful vacation week for all 4 of us. Cheers!!!