Friday, August 28, 2009

To Friends, Old and New

Playing with Nico and Alex in the 'cuzzi

During his stay in San Diego Ronan was able to both make new and catch up with old friends. First up was Martha and Dave, proud grandparents themselves, stopping by to check in on Ronan's progress. I'm pretty sure his little curls and goofy smile won them over, as well as his unbridled passion for trucks. They gave Ronan a new shirt that he will wear with glee this fall- it has a big truck on it!

Solving puzzles with Alba

Next Ronan solved some puzzles with Alba, also a grandmother, she having three energetic grandsons. She was phenomenal with Ronan, but with the three grandsons nearby we think she had secretly hoped to cuddle a little girl. It was her 2-year-old grandson Johnathan who lent Ronan a riding tractor for the week, and Ronan now has a great little bucky-ball toy that makes noise, thanks to Alba!

Ronan had enough of adults, so we went to meet up with Nico and Alex, sons of our good friends Paulette and Buddy. In the short 90 mins we had together Ronan rode a motorcycle, gardened, swung & slid on the playstructure, and swam in the pool. In short, living the good life of a big boy. He loved the action but was even more impressed with the Nico and Alex, following them around the whole time. Mom and I cherished the rare moment we were about to catch up with Paulette.

Making like Uncle Jeff, except he sold his Ducati Monster years ago

Finally, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jeff made the trip down and finally got to spend some time with Ronan. As Ronan fashions his love of mechanical things after Uncle Jeff, it was great to see them interact. Ronan made out with a vintage, British-racing-green model of a Jaguar. Sweet!

Thanks to all for making time to visit. When Ronan is in town next, he'll be sure to call. Perhaps to meet up for an early afternoon nap?


Holly said...

Nice that Ronan has an arsenal of "older" friends - as it's said: It takes a Village...." He's one fortunate little guy :-)

Allison said...

Lulu can't believe how "huge" Ronan is now. He looks like a VERY happy fellow.