Monday, August 31, 2009

"You, belong in a zoo, the San Diego Zoo"

... or so the jingle used to go. Whether or not Ronan belonged in the zoo (still TBD), he clearly enjoyed it during our visit. So did Mom, Nana and I- the San Diego Zoo is a world class facility with some exemplary exhibits housing polar bears, giant pandas, Galapagos tortoises, elephants, tigers and hippopotami.

Some highlights from the day:
  • Watching orangutans eat cheerios of the ground with dexterity and furor disconcertingly similar to Ronan
  • Seeing polar bears swim, followed by Ronan kissing their silvery likeness outside the exhibit
  • Hearing the noisy crunching a Gianta Panda makes when eating bamboo
  • Witnessing other parents uncomfortably explain, while hurridly whisking their children to the next exhibit, that the mating Galapagos tortoises were “wrestling”
  • Watching the apparently common Hippo routine of sitting submersed at the bottom of a body of water for up to 5 minutes, surfacing for a couple breaths of air, and then back down to the bottom for more relaxation.
Many thanks to Nana for treating us to such a fun day!


Holly said...

Yes, the SD Zoo is a winner any time. 'Twas a fun day. Love your slide show - I noticed if you click on it, it will enlarge - all the better to view little cuddles :-)

Todd said...

sweet, i like the slide show feature in your blog. i will have to start using that myself. thanks!