Sunday, August 30, 2009

"You'll Catch Him Surfing at Del Mar..."

Safety first- Nana and Ronan inspecting lifeguarding equipment

Just like the big boys: ready, set... and wait for a wave

Ronan loves the beach, and there are few better beaches on the US mainland than those found in San Diego's North County. Nana got a perfect starter "surfboard" for Ronan to fuel his wave riding obsession, so we grabbed it and headed out to the water.

Not much of a clip, but an idea of Ronan's surf 101

Not much prodding or suggestion was needed on our part; after watching surfers ride waves Ronan grabbed his board and did his best to emulate their moves. He would throw the board down, stand on it, and wait for the water to come it to float him. It was hilarious to watch him do it. It was even funnier (more concerning?) that after a couple of tries he refused to let us hold him... he was determined to surf on his own.

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Holly said...

"Catch a wave & you're sittin' on toppa the world..." Ronan should have a Beach Boys CD. He'll be out there hanging all 10 of his cute little toes next summer! Uncle Todd left 3 surfboards at my house, so Ronan can take his pick. :-)