Friday, September 11, 2009

Bon Voyage, my BFF

Ronan and Laurin enjoying the hammock, almost a year ago

Yesterday started with a sad morning; Ronan's BFF and toddling co-conspirator Laurin boarded a plane and left California. It's been a year filled with fun, laughs and exploration; Mom and I are similarly glum as we too will dearly miss Laurin and his parents.

Enjoying Pescadero Beach together...

Why yes, that is naked babies mowing the lawn

For Laurin, however, the next six weeks should shape up to be a grand adventure. He will get to experience Kaua'i, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and Bali before he finally touches down to settle into his native country of Switzerland. I'm quite certain Laurin's family and friends are eager to see him again; I imagine he'll be received like a prince.

Not exactly princely treatment... reason #432 why Laurin is excited to be on his great Pacific excursion

To our wayfaring friends- we miss you!

A kiss goodbye for my BFF


Melissa said...

What a bitter sweet post. Those are precious times you captured, and I trust they represent just a fraction of so many good times together. What a neat chapter for your families...and surely there will be many more adventures in the years ahead. Thinking of you guys!

Holly said...

Ditto Melissa's post - and Valerie & Nicholas, if you're reading this - bon voyage, safe travels and I know we'll meet again some time in the future.

CalBadger said...

Very appropriate photos! How lucky you (all your family) were to have an entire year with them living so close to you. At least you have a cool destination for vacations. What a pleasure is was to get to know them through you!