Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ronan's First Day of School

"Ronan's first first-day-of-school photo

Both Mom and I were forced to do the hated "first day of school" photo every year when we were young. I distinctly remember loathing the moment, and the photos always turned out terrible (puffy eyes, mis-matching outfits, and an exaggerated glum look on our faces).

Ronan started "school" for the first time today- before we departed (via bicycle) I made him do a photo out in front of our house. Rather than giving the tormented "I hate this day" look, he cheesed it up so much that it's hard to make out the smile in the middle of his squinty face.

As for school, he did pretty well in his new environment... he lasted a couple of hours w/out me and he seems to like his teachers, his classmates, and the new environment. A few tears were shed but they dried quickly. His outfit, soaked through from him literally climbing *into* a fountain, was another story.

Yes, the day was much harder on Mom and Dad than it was on Ronan. We love you little guy!


Holly said...

Oh my - first day of school already! It's hard to tell if he's smiling or crying in that photo - glad you clarified it. Love that he climbed IN the fountain - no surf, but water nonetheless! Glad mom and dad survived the First Day!

Todd said...

no note around his neck for his teacher? what is the child protection services number again?

so cute!

Holly said...

I noticed the lack of a note, too. "please return me to Mr. McPhee" - I think child protective services was seriously absent during your childhood years. Whew, I dodged the bullet again!!

Erik said...

Rats... I forgot about that ridiculous placard we were forced to wear. Perhaps that is why we approached the first day of school with disgust? It was just too humiliating to wear a billboard proclaiming "I'm an idiot kid and am incapable of remembering my grade or teacher's name".

Can't wait to make Ronan's note next year!

Allison said...

Oh I know the feeling. It really is hard on the parents. But when you hear about all the adventures and fun he had it will be ok.