Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where's Ronan?

He's in the photo somewhere. Actually, he's in it twice, but the resolution on my phone is not good enough to identify the photo-of-him-in-the-photo-above.

Yes, that's his little leg sticking out from under his green, blue, and white blanket. Why is he stuffed in what looks to be a holding space for a stool? Because that's the darkest place in his daycare, and his teachers were doing their best to give him a sleep-friendly environment.

How is daycare going? He's starting to adjust, but it's still a bit rough. Thankfully his teachers are working with him, and, little by little, he seems to make some progress. Mom and I are adjusting as well, albeit at a slower pace than Ronan.

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Holly said...

What a hoot! Give those teachers an A+ for creativity - whatever insures a good sleep :-) And I found him in the "photo in the photo" - bottom right corner - I'd know Crest Canyon no matter how blurry!!
Sleep tight little guy (and hang in there mom and dad - you'll adjust!)