Monday, October 19, 2009

The Dread Pirate... Ronan?

Well, maybe not "dread"...

One of Mom's all time favorite movies is The Princess Bride, so it only makes sense that she's starting Ronan's pirate training at an early age. Really she thinks Ronan will become a privateer, but that seems to be just a matter of degree.

One foot above the other...

First up on her list, right before talking like a pirate, and hopefully a few years before swashbuckling, is how to properly scale ratlines. Getting to a position of advantage in crow's nest quickly is imperative for the element of surprise.

The all important pre-climb camera pose

"Up! Up! Up!"

Do pirates have their mothers spot?

Fortunately for us a neighborhood park has nets that make for a perfect training ground. Over the weekend Ronan mastered climbing up these nylon ropes, deliberately placing and moving his hands and feet. His efforts were rewarded by a fun trip down the static electricity-inducing twisty slide.

A happy boy at the top of the ropes (and Mom's new background)

A new coiffure


Todd said...

hmmmm, maybe a harness and some carabiners are in store for little ronan for christmas.

Holly said...

Man he's GOOD on those ratlines! I've climbed 'em with Drew and my feet keep going through the holes! Never heard of Pirate Bride, but read the Wiki link - arrrrr, sounds like a good flick :-) Yes, Todd, we'll be on the lookout for mini caribiners and little ropes - and maybe a little bitty chalk bag.

Erik said...

Great idea on gifts, but perhaps wait a couple of years? I'd like to think that anything he will climb in the near future will not lead to a fatality if he falls.