Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh Sand, How I Love Thee

Giddy while searching for a place to play

A few weekends ago some close friends invited us to spend a few days with them along beautiful and serene Sonoma Coast. The abundance of attention of four adults and another youngster (and the Ronan-sized, stuffed gorilla we found in his room) made for one happy little boy.

While much of the coastline is rocky, there are several spots that make way for protected little beaches- it was these spots that Ronan loved enjoyed most.

Jackpot! A perfect spot for a beach adventure.

What he seemed to like most was reveling in the dark sand warmed by the sun. At one point he simply flopped face-down and made sand angles while squealing with delight.


He also loved to run on the firmly packed sand- it was a fast surface and forgiving when his stumbles turned into tumbles.

An ideal surface to stretch the legs on

In the afternoons, Ronan enjoyed playing "chase, catch, and eat the seaweed", a fun but not too appetizing game Mom invented with some bulb kelp that washed ashore.

Exploring the wonders of massive, beautiful bulb kelp (it's far more attractive when viewed in the water)

Of course, Ronan always wanted to run into the shallows, but he did much better when we redirected him away from the chilly water (perhaps due to the ocean being a brisk 53 F, a good 15 F cooler than in Del Mar).

Ronan keeps us on our toes...

It was a most excellent trip that was wonderful for all of us- a big, warm thank you to Auntie E, Uncle S, and little A!

Enjoying the crescent moon setting along with the sun, all from the deck


Todd said...

Great shots E and R. I like the father/son Patagonia outfits! Shall I request Patagonia make a toddler R2?

Keep the pics coming. Your blog is making us miss Ronan.........and you and Rach as well!

Holly said...

Love those photos - esp. the sunset crescent moon. Stunning. Ronan is definitely a "water man" - can't imagine getting in 53 degree water! brrrrr Looks like you all had a super time.
Oh - Clarence wants to know how he can hook up with that gorilla :-)