Monday, October 26, 2009

Role Models

"Yep. I'm just hanging with the boys..."

What better way to spend a late Saturday afternoon than at a park with two of your favorite role models? That's exactly what Ronan did, showing Uncles Mikey and Jason how hip hanging at a local park can be.

"Uh,are Oakland's open container laws applicable in Palo Alto?"

And they, in turn, showed him how guys typically spend Saturday afternoons. Ronan seemed engaged when learning that Guinness in a can is quite good thanks to a funky little carbon dioxide widget. The unflappable Uncle Jason demonstrated the very necessary push-a-child-on-a-swing-with-one-hand, keep-a-beer-from-spilling-in-the-other technique with perfection.

Getting the basics self-powered swinging down

On the swing Uncle Mikey schooled Ronan in the art of "higher!". After a little coaching Ronan was getting the hang of it. Mikey was tempted to show off his "go for distance" jumping dismount but he decided to save that for lesson #2 (thankfully).

Heading home, glad that Uncle Jason grabbed my snack catcher


Todd said...

You know Ronan has one more Uncle that can show him how to drink and swing at the same time. The offer is always on the table:-)

Holly said...

Actually I think Ronan was TRADING the snack catcher for Uncle Jason's Guiness. I mean, given the 2 choices, which would you choose?!!
Cute post - xoxoxo