Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunday Softball

Who's on first?

Ronan's cousins Makena and Maia are star players on the Pacifica Fusion softball team; naturally, when the Half Moon Bay Tides were in town for a double header, we had make the trip up to cheer the Fusion on.

Makena & the art of bubble blowing

Ronan noted the softball garb, from the cool standard unis to Maia's body-armor-like catcher gear. He also spent lots of time with Auntie Shelia (who also would not miss this clash of softball titans) and now knows how to behave like a proper softball fan.

Loving the "feet up" rule with Auntie Shelia

Stealing secrets and distracting the opponents

When the innings were slow Ronan had plenty of entertainment from Grammy and Poppa, from playing "catch me as I run down this steep hill!" to learning how to push a mini stroller. Ronan also tried to help the Fusion's chances of winning by stealing the opposing team's secrets and doing his best to be a cute distraction. Unfortunately for the Fusion, the Tide were a force on the diamond and finished the day by sweeping the double header.

Impressed by cousin Maia in her sweet catching gear. Looks to be useful stuff.

Best of luck next time, Makena and Maia!


Holly said...

Who's on first? What's on second. I Don't Know's on third.... Ronan could have distracted the Tides with a little Abbott and Costello routine :-) Even if the Tides ended up on the bottom side of the double header, it looks like it was a fun afternoon for the spectators!

CalBadger said...

Motorcycles and baseball--an All-American kid!