Sunday, October 4, 2009

To Walk A Mile in Another Man's Shoes

At least it's a low weight to surface area ratio... perhaps he could walk on water?

No matter how much Mom and I would like to think it, I'm fairly certain Ronan was not stumbling around in my shoes hoping to build empathy for his father. And probably not to even understand me; like many things he does, he just enjoys mimicking grown-ups.

What to do if your left shoe is 15 sizes too big? That's right, ride a motorcycle.

It's fun for us to chuckle with him when he tries on our shoes. Clearly it makes his motion more challenging, and there is always the problem the falling (not to mention getting the feet right), but Ronan loves the process of it all so we oblige by giving him access to our shoes.

"Rats. My Air Jordan are way cushier."

And we love to witness it. When he does get the shoe on and completes a few successful laps of the house/patio/deck, he gives us a smile born from a mix of humor and pride. That look of wit and accomplishment is one of the most prized combinations for us to see in our child.

"Look! I found a hole in the toe!"


Todd said...

i don't think that he found a hole in the shoe, he is just giving it a loopy! good job ronan!
for some reason i have a feeling you will be more sympathetic to him giving your shoes loopies than when i gave them to you when i was a kid:-)

Holly said...

Soooo cute - and I love the "sly guy" t-shirt! Ronan will probably fit into these shoes by 1st grade at the rate he's growing. Don't throw them out just yet :-)

And, for clueless in Del Mar, what's a "loopy"???

Erik said...

A loopy? That's hilarious. In the interest of fairness to his Uncle T, I must drag Ronan backside down on the carpet until only "fresh" skin is left. We stop dragging when he stops laughing.

Nana- a "loopy" is to pull the last row of the shoe laces out into a big loop, making the upper lacing un-thread. An act of vandalism done by only the most nefarious characters and deserving of corporal punishment.

Holly said...

OOOOHH, now I get it! "Loopy" A noun, not an adjective. Yes, Good Job Ronan! He's got a touch of Uncle Todd in him (more than just the eyes and hair!). And given that you have no carpet, I guess Ronan lucks out once again :-)

Todd said...

oh, i forgot to mention nice profile shot. i like it.

mom, i will give you a special holiday loopy when i return, then and only then will you fully understand the power of the loopy! oh, and remind me to give one to erik for old times sake.

Erik said...

I only wear flip-flop and slip-on shoes... you may want to short-sheet the bed instead.

Auntie G took that profile shot on the NorCal coast- one of my all-time favorite photos.

Holly said...

Todd - NO special Holiday Loopies for me, thank you very much.
Erik - NO short sheeting my bed!
You'll have to show me how to add a profile picture so I can keep up with you guys. I'm thinking the one you took, Todd, of me in full Trial by Jury costume. HA