Thursday, October 1, 2009

The World's *Cutest* Indian?

All of the style of James Dean, and more

Ronan's shiny new gift from Auntie Sheila is not The World's Fastest Indian (the governed 2 mph top speed makes sure of that), but ridden by Ronan it may be the cutest. Yes, Ronan loves it. He's ensorcelled by it. When he wakes up every morning he signs "motorcycle" and immediately points downstairs. And yes, he can locate all of the parts on the motorcycle that Mom can identify (including differentiating between the speedometer and the tachometer).

One happy boy

Trick riding at all of 17 months of age...

What gives him pause is the Indian's electric motor. Ronan is an internal combustion kind of guy ("vroom, vroom") so, naturally, when he accidentally hit the accelerator and the motorcycle lurched forward with a high pitch whine, the surprise of it all unsettled him. So much so that occasionally he won't sit on the seat for fear of an accidental brush with pedal. Instead he "rides the rear fender", in a Supermanesque pose, feet outstretched behind him.

Thank you Auntie Shelia for the perfect Ronan gift!

Ronan, his ride, and his benefactor


Bhavesh said...

I thought I was the world's cutest indian!!!

Well hopefully Ronan can ride the hog better than his dad :) He certainly looks good on it.

Todd said...
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Todd said...

you are the cutest indian bhav. i've been saying that for years.

CalBadger said...

Ditto Todd! No, Ronan is the COOLEST indian ever. He is growing up in the usual California surfer dude fashion--all play and no work! Boy is he changing fast!

Holly said...

Ohmygosh! What a GREAT find, A. Sheila!! Score AAA for the perfect gift. Love the way Ronan has chosen to ride it - flat out - ha ha Perhaps a safer way than that of his father and uncle T.!
And for the record, yes Bhav, you ARE the world's cutest Indian :-)
Ride on Ronan!!

Erik said...

Sorry Bhav, I must differ from comments above... "cutest Indian" belongs to the motorcycle, but you most certainly retain the crown of "cutest Zambian".

Note that Ronan's Did did not crash a hog... it was a sweet 1982 Nighthawk.

Holly said...

And who was the unfortunate owner of the 1982 Nighthawk? I googled it and it's a cool machine.