Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Code Name: Chickapea

Chickapea @ 15 weeks

Many companies employ code names for products in development; they do so for secrecy, ease, team identity, and production product naming flexibility. These code names/acronyms are typically easy to remember and many times whimsical; I've worked on products named after sharks, birds of prey, gunslingers, candy, explorers, monsters, tribes and cities; a name that got one team into trouble with HR was a project called, "Your Mom".

So why give a code name to our little growing fetus? We're keeping the gender secret, we don't have names chosen, and it's easier to refer to "Chickapea" than "it" or "he/she". That, and if Chickapea's a boy, I get to give him grief when he's older about his pre-birth moniker.

How was the name chosen? We're not really sure. I think we were marveling at Ronan's love of hummus (typically made from chickpeas) and, by proximity/association/cutesifying-a-legume/whatever, 'chickapea' just popped out. Chickapea's due date is April 10th and ultrasounds have confirmed a nice strong heartbeat.

Mom's bump has come earlier than with Ronan, here at 17 weeks

What was Ronan's codename? It was "Tipard" (from [ti]ger and a leo[pard]), a goofy play on the Napoleon Dynamite reference of "liger". As Napoleon states in the movie, ligers are, "like a tiger and lion mixed... bred for its skills in magic".

Yes, we are very excited to have our little Chickapea on the way!


Todd said...

Good to hear "Chickapea" has a strong, healthy heart beat. Before you know it, it will be April!

Holly said...

Chickapea - Nana likes this :-) A little pea in the pod, so to speak. Looking forward to the Road Trip in April - right, Todd. In-N-Out here we come!

Melissa said...

I don't know...does the time really fly when you're pregnant? That'd be great. Looking forward to seeing yout three and chickpea.