Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Coyote Point Museum

View of Coyote Point Yacht Harbor

This past weekend we took Ronan to Coyote Point Recreational Area, a county park in San Mateo that boasts a marina, miles of hiking trails, a mammoth playground structure, windsurfing/kiteboarding, cyclocross racing, excellent views of airliners in the approach path for SFO, and a delightful little museum. We spent our day exploring the museum with the attached 'zoo'.

Are koi tasty?

A giant game of Lite-Brite


Highlights for Ronan included meeting a skink, playing with wind tubes, watching a river otter swim, touching a California Mountain Kingsnake, investigating an indoor bee hive, exploring the heavens, and learning about vortices.

"Hmm... this fan needs more juice"

Fascinated by the otter's swimming dexterity

"Sweet. We could use this for Halloween next year..."

Really, though, Ronan was happiest running up and down the long, smooth, wooden ramps (by himself at first, and then joined by other little children) and then later organizing the little cars sold in the gift shop.

What Ronan loved most- the 'thunk, thunk, thunk' of his footsteps as he ran up and down the ramps

The Coyote Point Museum is a great place to take curious and adventurous kids. Even if they tire of the exhibits, there is plenty of outdoor activities to keep young ones occupied and happy for the day.

Who? Hoo!

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Holly said...

What a great place - and so close to my old "Reddy" motel - how come we never went to CP? ha ha That first photo of the bay is stunning - if you could crop off the parking lot it would be perfect :-) That's one enormous skink Ronan is looking at - a bit intimidating for sure. What a cool place to spend the day - and that was just the indoor part - think what fun you'll have outdoors. E. have you done any cyclocross racing there??