Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dancing... a Thanksgiving Tradition?

That's right- Ronan can bust a mean 'funky chicken'

Most families have holiday traditions- when I was growing up there was the fruity jello mold (thanks Cindy!), the post meal walk, and of course a fight over the wishbone.

The traditions give us a sense of time, of importance, and of family. That said, Ronan seems intent on establishing his own new and goofy Thanksgiving tradition- cutting the rug.

Auntie Sheila and Ronan both giving props

Yes, Ronan was the primary instigator of what will likely be an annual post-turkey-meal activity- not snoozing... grooving. This year Grammy took the signal from Ronan, queued up Pirate Radio '60s edition, and the dancing took off. Poppa tried to sit out a few songs but Ronan kept going over, grabbing his hand, and pulling him back into the dance circle.

Nothing but admiration for Grammy's moves

By the time we got the camera ready most of the adults were tired out- only Grammy (aka the Energizer Bunny) and Ronan were still going strong. The next day, during our T-Day+1 festivities, Ronan did the same thing with a group of our close friends. Whenever someone tried to sit on a couch or lounge in a chair Ronan would walk over, grab their hand, and pull them back into the fray. Yep, it's dancing that we will be looking forward to for years to come!


Todd said...

I'm thinking of a toddler dance reality show. Keep Ronan dancing and maybe I'll see him on "so you think your toddler can dance".

Holly said...

Hey, and I was thinking Moonwalk! The next Michael Jackson - can Ronan sing in falsetto???
Uncle T - hold that "reality dance" thought - might be a way to fund a college education :-)

Erik said...

Brilliant idea! Unfortunately for Ronan, I think this kid has 1st place signed, sealed, and delivered. Poor Ronan get Chopin and this little guy gets Beyonce.

And Ronan is staring to sing Beethoven's 9th... he likes this beaker version:

I'll see if we can get him singing on video (he's a bit off-key but has decent rhythm.

Holly said...

That Beyonce baby's got his groove goin' on, for sure. But, if Ronan can sing Meep Meep, then he's number 1 in my book :-)