Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Good Morning

My adorable family

Last night Ronan had a coughing fit after which all three of us tried to settle ourselves back to sleep. Ronan typically will only do so in his crib, but somehow he managed to comfort himself in our bed.

How did he do it? By kneading Mom's eye with his little fingers and kicking my head with his feet. Neither action was aggressive or violent, just little rythmic movements that eventually lulled him into a slumber. Mom and I joined him in sleep shortly thereafter.

About as cuddley as Ronan gets

When I awoke, I was greeted with the sight of the two of them, heads together, both slightly snoring. Ronan must have been dreaming about being tickled or chased because he would occasionally laugh between breaths. It was a beautiful sight- fortunately a camera was nearby and I was able to get a couple of pictures during the rapidly changing morning light.


Holly said...

Glad you had the camera ready - a precious moment not to be missed. Hope you sleep better tonight!

CalBadger said...

Cute. Re: code name: How did you miss HoneyBun--that's gender neutral! I couldn't help noticing that the photo of Ronan's eyes on your blog's header looks exactly like Allison's at that age and even now! Uncanny--and very, very beautiful!

Todd said...

so adorable. what a lovely family indeed.

Holly said...

I agree with CalBadger about the eyes - absolutely!