Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Two of Ronan's favorites... celestial bodies and "boo ghosts"

This year, for Halloween, Ronan went as The Red Barron's nemesis, WWI Fighter Pilot Ace Snoopy. Mom used her creative talents to add a beagle tail & ears to Ronan's pilot hat and jacket. We loved the way it turned out and Ronan was delighted seeing himself in full costume.

Approving of what he sees in the mirror

And the ensemble was well used. Thursday we attended an event at my work- the place was packed with hundreds of kids in character, enjoying the festivities and excellent food. While the party was fun, Ronan's favorite part was getting behind the wheel of an electric cart used by facilities to get around campus.

Happy to be "piloting" something...

On Friday Ronan participated in a parade at his daycare. One of his teacher's remarked that Ronan was the only child in his class that made it through the parade without taking off his costume.

Happily wagging his tail

For Halloween night Ronan toured the neighborhood, doing his best to fit in with other kids like a seasoned candy-fetching veteran. I was happy he left the eggs and toilet paper at home; instead of the "trick-or-treat" threat he employed the "treat, please"-and-"thank you" approach. It seemed to work- people got a kick out of his silent-yet-determined, very polite disposition.

Ronan and Dad in search of loot

Showing Auntie Shelia some impressive props

It was a great time- after more than an hour and a half-dozen blocks traveled Ronan called it a night. Some of our neighbors invested a serious amount of time and effort into making their homes fun for visitors- a big thank to those who did, you delighted many, many kids this Halloween!

Mom and Ronan enjoying a fully decorated front yard that included a 1/12 scale pirate ship and faux firing canonsh


Todd said...

so how many years before old uncle t can show ronan the art of toilet papering?

so cute!

Melissa said...

I find your resourceful and creative costuming incredibly refreshing! And it sounds like there were some practical merits. Well done!

CalBadger said...

Ronan's costume reminds me of some of the great ones your Mom made for all of you guys--and just as cool--very creative and caring moms. I just wonder where Ronan inherited the calm, cool and quiet persona--Rachel? Marie and Mike?! Great pix and post: Soon you'll have the same universal creative photographic renown as Todd Teetzel, Alfred Stiegliz, Edward Weston, Robert Mapplethorpe, Edward Steihcen and Ansel Adams--just below you father!

Holly said...

Now that's how Halloween SHOULD be celebrated. Darling costume, Rachel - kudos to you :-) And also to whoever carved those pumpkins - outstanding. I love photo #5 - soooo sweet. And thanks, Calbadger, for the note about costumes past - I forgot about those! Great photos, E, and a darling post.

Erik said...

Nanna did make us some fun costumes when we were kids... though at the time I think we were more interested in whatever crappy kit costumes were available at KMart. Same thing with homemade bread vs. Wonder, or hand kneeded pizza vs. Dominos. *Sigh*, we just did not know how good we had it!

Holly said...

Gracias mi hijo - Nice to be appreciated :-) Better late than never, I always say. I think you have to BE a parent to understand a parent. The big payoff is being a grandparent - all the fun, none of the work; woo hoo! Cheers and Shalom!!