Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Kiss for Nanna


This past weekend Nanna made her biannual pilgrimage up to the Bay Area. Ronan, Mom and I had a great time during her visit- several social events, a musical performance, playing at a farm, and a fresh loaf of Nanna's pumpkin bread. Nanna left a few days ago but Ronan still toddles around the house looking for her, and calling "Nanna" to the empty room she stayed in.

Thanks, Nana, for the visit. We miss you!

... and a little goofing around with the camera


Todd said...

So glad you had a great b day weekend. We can't wait to see you guys next month.

Holly said...

I loved my visit up there, too - am still going through "Ronan withdrawal." Thanks for a great time and give that little guy lots more kisses from Nana :-) oh... and a couple for mom and dad, too!