Monday, November 9, 2009

Old McRonan?

This weekend we went to Ardenwood Historic Farm, a place Mom and Ronan had visited before. Upon arrival Ronan was quick to point out the train, the windmill, the blacksmith shop, and all of the various animal pens. He was particularly fond of the goats and sheep (petting, and at one point, even trying to kiss).

"Baa, baa, white sheep, have you any wool?"

Petting a soft nose

When at a farm, always remember to kiss a goat.

He also spent some time watching the blacksmiths work; one smith was making a knife blade and tang, though it was in the very first stages of manufacture. The farm machinery was also a hit and Ronan spent some time sifting through the soil to find old nuts and washers lost by those machines years ago.

Loving the old school John Deere

Finding discarded tractor parts in the soil

There was also a chicken/turkey coop as well as a small aviary for more exotic birds; while Ronan typically enjoys clucking at fowl he seems more interested in our neighbors chicken pen than the ones at the farm.

Contemplating which brine to use...

We saved the water pump for last, knowing that Ronan would be soaked by the time he would be done with it. Sure enough, our prediction was true, though we were all glad he was unsuccessful in his attempts to jump into the reservoir!

Quickly moving from "learning to pump water" to "a shower while fully dressed"


Holly said...

Old McRonan has the hippest boots in East Bay... and South Bay... and the Peninsula. Reminds me a bit of some (less cool) boots Bleary-Eyed Father had some years back. Yes, 'twas a fun morning watching Ronan explore the Farm. Ee-eye-ee-eye-oooohhh

Niki Fenwick said...

Sweet. Boots.