Saturday, November 28, 2009

One Little Monkey, Sitting in a Tree

"Look Dad, no hands!"

Every day Ronan does something new- today was his turn to try his hand at climbing trees. Behind our house is a small trail that eventually winds through a long forgotten grove of olive trees.

Showing off the 'lean'

Old olive trees are great to climb- grippy bark, low branches, lots of forks and plenty of shade. And for Ronan the limbs these trees were not too large for little hands to hold.

A happy little boy in a tree

I was surprised at his ability to maintain his balance in the tree (while I snapped a few photos), and relieved that he did not attempt to jump when he got bored. He simply reach out an arm in my direction and said, "down!"

"Huh. Perhaps it is best that I don't jump... yet."


Holly said...

Give him another month and Jump! will become a reality :-) Cute photos.

Todd said...

hmmmmmm, looks like I should return ronan's christmas gift and get him some rock climbing shoes. what size is he?

so now we can hit up the rocking climbing gym in sd when you're down. sweet!!!

great shots.

Holly said...

Rock climbing gym in SD. Count me in!!

Ronan said...

+1 for rock climbing if we can find some time in our schedule. We'll bring our harnesses!

Holly said...

I'll see if I can find Todd's and Melissa's somewhere in the mountain of worldly goods they left here!!