Monday, November 16, 2009

Ronan, Ronan, Ronan, Ronan

"Hi Ronan! Hi Ronan! Hey Ronan! Hi Ronan! Hi!

What does Ronan love more than seeing his reflection in the mirror? Seeing many reflections!

Yes, our little narcissist cannot get enough of himself- literally. Ronan's discovered how to arrange two mirrors (mounted on our closet doors) to yield multiple images of himself.

This is how happy just one reflection makes him...

It's hilarious to watch him try to interact with each duplicate. He can't quite keep his attention on one image and thus he has rapid head and eye movement, moving from reflection to reflection. The faster he responds, the more distracted he becomes by his reflections movement.

"Sweet! Look at all that 'me'!"


Todd said...

yo e,

very cool shots. i like the perspective with the door knob in the bottom shot.

is ronan use to you and the camera yet?

CalBadger said...

Great idea for a shot (number 1) and well executed. Love te creativity of your photography--especially making the composition fit the persona of the subject! More!

Erik said...

Thanks guys... yes, poor Ronan has adapted to having a camera in his face on the weekends. He helps me review shots on the camera LCD (as the photos are of him, he loves it). He also mimics the process and knows which button to push for shutter release (the camera is still too heavy for him, though). Looks like we have another generation of photographers in the family!

Holly said...

Those are such cool shots!! Wow - I'm amazed at how well they came out, what with all the reflections. The first one looks like 13 little kids praying and the mirrors provide different views of his face. Awesome pix.