Thursday, December 24, 2009

Baking Holiday Cookies... Ronan Style

For this holiday season Ronan decided to try his hand at making cookies for family and friends. By the end of the process only a handful of the cookies came out edible. This means that most of you will have to settle for a smile, a hug (maybe), and an emphatic, "HI!" from Ronan for your holiday treat. Sorry!

"Yeah, that's my shark-shaped cookie cutter... nothing says 'Happy Holidays' like a streamlined profile behind a mouth full of sharp teeth. I baked them, with love, for you."

The two cookie shapes Ronan seemed to love to use were a shark (we are still scratching our heads as to where we even found that cutter in the first place) and an airplane. If we had a motorcycle, car, or train I'm sure those would also be be on his list of favorites.

Cutting cookies from the rolled dough

Done with the dough, Ronan looks for something (someone?) else to use the rolling pin on

Ronan did an excellent job with the cookie making- very few attempts at eating the raw dough and no (measurable) tantrums the entire time.

A happy baker with Mom, sporting a pink mustache with a batch of cookies ready for baking

Checking in on the baking process, making sure the cookies don't burn

He was fully involved in every step of the process- from mixing the ingredients in the KitchenAid all the way to transferring the cookies on to cooling racks. He even sampled the cookies to make sure they were edible (with mixed results). His favorite part of the process was rolling of the dough and cutting the cookies- it was the most 'hands-on' and the flour made things nice and messy.

Always wise to have someone else test the cookie quality first

We had a great time doing it- hopefully next year we will be more productive with our efforts!


CalBadger said...

I love the way you are training Ronan... by the time he's a teenager he'll be so busy doing household chores and baking/cooking, he won't have time to get in trouble. Of course, he could use that chore time plotting his revenge--I can only hope! Me, I'll take the cookies!

Holly said...

Wow, that's some Bad-A baker in the long apron with weapon in hand. I will keep my distance!! That aside, it's a sweet post and before long Ronan will be doing ALL the cooking. Good parenting job :-) Do we get any of the 3 cookies? ha ha

Todd said...

unexceptable, if you guys don't come down with a plethora of cookies i am going to revoke ronan's christmas gift. sorry, but this is a lesson ronan needs to learn early; don't mess around with uncle t's cookies!

Erik said...

i don't think there will be any cookies left as our unexpected travel plans leaves the only food in the house what we had planned to bring to you. i'll let you know just how tasty they are.