Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Holiday Celebration with Grandma and Grandpa

A happy boy with Mr. & Mrs. Claus

Grandma and Grandpa came to town this past weekend bearing gifts, hugs, and lots of laughs. June was the las time Ronan saw them but all three were quick to pick up where they left off. He even remembered 'Bandit', Grandma & Grandpa's youngest Brittney Spaniel.

"Hey Grandma, check out my cheese!"

up you go...

In addition to just enjoying time together, Ronan played hide & seek w/Grandma and showed her his favorite spots in the house. Grandpa made Ronan laugh uncontrollably by singing a cancan tune accompanied with wide arm gesticulations. Ronan liked it so much that he stripped to his diaper and danced to the tune.

...you put your right foot in...

...you put your right hand out...

In all it was a great visit and Ronan has some excellent loot to prove it. He loves his new uber-soft frog pillow, underwater puzzle, and book about an elephant seal pup. Happy holidays, Grandma & Granpa!

Ronan's new cuddle toy- any name suggestions?

Hugs and scrapers, that's what Ronan's all about


CalBadger said...

Grandma and I had a blast with Ronan...and Rachel and Erik too! What fun being around Ronan, it's like having one's very own "Energizer Bunny!" There's only one thing Ronan does when he slows down and is quiet, and I'll leave that you your imagination! Ronan is a pleasure and a joy; we feel very blessed to have him as one of our grandchildren. And Hell No: I'm not biased!!!

Holly said...

Looks like a wonderful, happy, early Christmas treat - for everyone!! Joyeux Noel!

Erik said...

it was a blast- thanks so much for coming up. and a quote from a holiday party about Ronan, "geeze, do ya think he has enough people who love him?"

he's spoiled with love, i tell ya. spoiled with love.